Stickers for military transport were given to “Lugansk – 1”

CFAA and SRF transferred to the chief of the “Lugansk-1” battalion stickers with insignia for military transport of the battalion.

“I am happy to pass these stickers to our brothers. I would like to announce that shortly the battalion will receive another lot of humanitarian aid. Everything is ready for shipment. We are grateful to all indifferent Ukrainians. Together, we are strong”

– said head of the union, MP Andrey Artemenko at a meeting with the battalion chief.

In my turn, I would like to note that within the framework of the charity campaign “A drop of warmth” we continue to receive large numbers of clothes, food and medicine which we plan to send to the ATO area in the nearest time.”

– added the head of the Central Ukrainian development direction of SRF Alexander Chernikov.

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