Magic ATB-Market baskets

Another delivery of charitable goods to the ATO area, collected together with the chain of ATB-Market stores, Andrey Artemenko Charitable Foundation and SPS

Charitable marathon “The drop of warmth” is initiated and supported by NGO “Solidarity of Right Forces” and the “Andrey Artemenko Charitable Foundation”.

Its next “Easter” stage took place on April 5-7, when SRF party representatives and the Foundation volunteers used their own transport to deliver food packages and household items to the ATO special purpose battalion “Lugansk – 1″, to the 24th mechanized brigade and to the “Saint Mary” battalion.

Hereinafter we will have to use the terminology of non-peaceful times…
Operational environment…it changed along the route. Sometimes we had to pass goods on the road, from one car to another as it was in the case with the soldiers of the 24th mechanized brigade.

Despite of real danger in Lisichansk and Severodonetsk we managed to get to the military positions.

In Severodonetsk volunteers visited the barracks of the “Lugansk – 1″ battalion, where our defenders were located.

You may wonder what magic baskets have to do with it? And why would we call them magic?

The chain of ATB-Market stores in collaboration with other indifferent to our country’s future people and companies, together with the “Andrey Artemenko Charitable Foundation” placed those magic baskets for donations in all of their stores.

The baskets are never empty!
Instead, new food and cloth items fill the basket every day helping the ATO soldiers to survive and fight for Independence.

Soldiers asked to give warm thanks to all who filled the baskets with candy, chocolate, condensed milk, cigarettes, and even with 40 liter cans of liquid which is important during the war.

Volunteer Coordinator Alexander Chyernikov gratefully remembers the engineer of the “Lugansk – 1″ battalion for his help in setting up the clutch in the volunteer’s bus: “It’s nice to realize that the great professionals who volunteered to defend our Motherland are always ready to help the locals with their qualifications. The war will not last forever and both the state and people need qualified professionals”.

Soldiers and volunteers are smiling at the camera but a couple of minutes later they will have to go back and continue the fight for Independence.

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