Who we are

Andrey Artemenko’s Fund is an independent charitable organization established in order to provide real help. Our main focus is in supporting internally displaced families from the area of Antiterrorist operation that raising two or more minor children.


The founder is a citizen of Ukraine and a Ukrainian deputy Andrey Artemenko, who has been active in charity over the years and who cares about other people’s problems. For him – it’s a part of life and the desire to contribute to the development of a decent society.

Our main goal

Our team doesn’t just want to make the world a better place with the help of people united by the problems and challenges of today but to change Ukrainian’s attitude to this concept. Society must consider charity as a form of its moral development. And we want to “cultivate” the necessity of charitable activities in people’s minds.

Our team

Our team consists of responsible people who care about the pain and problems of others and are ready to fight the difficulties and misfortune.

We would like to be maximally useful to the society in which we all live.

We welcome everyone who joins our programs and projects and will provide an opportunity to personally check the use of charitable money.

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